The Ashvini release is the first version of the Raiden Light Client released on the Ethereum mainnet. It is a full implementation of Raiden written in Typescript and it runs in any Ethereum enabled browser. Continue to read this blog post to get an overview of what the Ashvini release is. To get started, go to!

Introducing the Raiden Light Client

We’re proud to announce the Raiden Light Client. The Ashvini mainnet release is a Typescript implementation of the Raiden Network that runs in any Ethereum enabled browser. Over the five years we’ve been building Raiden, it’s become increasingly clear to us that UX/UI…

We’re back with another Raiden Pulse. Due to a very busy end of May and an even busier June, we decided to cover three months in this issue of the Raiden Pulse. A lot of very exciting things happened during the last three months. The Bespin and Ashvini mainnet releases of course taking the prize as the most important things that happened. We won’t be talking too much in-depth about the two new mainnet releases in this blogpost, since there already are separate blogposts available for both. We also have some good news on the marketing side, since we have…


A new mainnet release of the Raiden Python client is out. This release introduces numerous improvements to the backend which improves the overall user experience and reliability of using the Raiden Network. Among the biggest improvements are changes to the transport layer and faster sync times. Furthermore, it also paves the way for the Raiden Light Client to be released very soon. Check out the documentation and read this announcement to get an overview of the Bespin release and how to get started using it. To get started, download the release here!

Introducing the Bespin Release

We’re excited to announce the Bespin release of…

We’re back with another Raiden Pulse. This one covers all the things that happened in the Raiden project from February and March. The main focus areas of the last two months have been to refactor and fix the transport layer for the Python client and to prepare for mainnet release for both the clients. In the last two months, we also onboarded a couple of new devs to the team. All in all, things are looking good. Furthermore, we have some updates about the iBlockchain project. Learn more about this under “Other Updates”. Let’s dig in!

General Updates

Raiden Client: Most of…

With all the challenges 2020 brought, we did our best to keep up with the changing world. Despite being unable to travel and interact with people offline, we took part in multiple online events, developed several demos, and made significant progress towards the light client mainnet release.

Due to Christmas holidays and vacations, this summary covers all things that happened in Raiden in the past 3 months. Next time we’ll be back on track and publish a bi-monthly summary. The main focus since November was to improve the overall stability and speed of the Raiden Python client and get closer…

Raiden provides the means to build a fast, cheap, and decentralized infrastructure for token transfers. Therefore it can easily serve as a means to monetize online content like newspaper articles efficiently without the need for user accounts or a subscription-based payment model.

We have constructed a demo to inspire you to build a paywall infrastructure on top of the Raiden Network. It demonstrates how frictionless, fast, and accountless pay per use paywalls can be easily implemented:

We are excited to release a demo showcasing IoT machine to machine (M2M) micro payments using Raiden. The demo shows how fast ERC-20 token transfers can be and gives a general overview of the setup. This is one of the very first solutions providing instant payments without any intermediaries.

The Demo Setup

In this video, you see a model train with a nanopi microcomputer on top. The train must pay for each round trip. The camera of the nanopi scans a barcode that has the payment credentials encoded for every orbit and pays for the next round. Red and…

We are happy to share a new bi-monthly summary of all things that happened in Raiden: overall development progress, product updates, (virtual) event participation, and all the other stuff that we’ve been up to in September and October. The main focus of the last two months was to improve overall stability and speed of the Raiden full client and to get closer to the mainnet release of the light client. We’re still patiently waiting to see the evaluation of the Reddit Scaling challenge and will share information as soon there’s something to share. Let’s dig in!

General Updates

Raiden Client:

  • WebRTC for…

You’ve come to the right place, if you want to try out a full Raiden node with minimum effort! gives you the opportunity to play around with Raiden, open channels, send tokens and get familiar with other functionalities. Please note that this is only meant as a convenient way to try out Raiden for the first time. Everything is run on the Goerli testnet and is hosted remotely. This is not how the current onboarding experience of Raiden is and this is merely meant as a convenient developer tool.

Please also note, if you’re rather looking for the envisioned…

Two more months have passed by and it’s time for a new bi-monthly summary of all things Raiden: overall development progress, product updates, (virtual) event participation and all the other stuff that we’ve been up to in July and August. The overarching focus of July was our participation in the Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off. In August, the main focus has been on some maintenance work and continuing the implementation of WebRTC for the transport layer in the Raiden python client. The light client team is still working towards reaching parity with the Alderaan release. Let’s dig in!

General Updates

Raiden Network

Fast, cheap, scalable token transfers for Ethereum

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